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New cuts on the Tizita riddim. Out early 2012 !

After Prince Alla's "Maybe (one day)" and the Tamlins' "World crisis" released earlier this year, and selected among Ernie B's "essential picks", three more cuts of the Roots Radics' "Tizita" riddim are coming early next year : Jazzmine Black "Respect me" / "Respect dub", Jah Bast and the Tamlins "My meditation of Him shall be sweet" / Danny Culture "Bloody city" 

Two last cuts, by Vernon "Maytone" Buckley and Inyaki, will be released later next year.

Distributed by S&S,

Ernie B The Tamlins Tizita Prince Alla Roots Radics Jazzmine Black Jah Bast Danny Culture Vernon Buckley The Maytones Inyaki S&S


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