A short reggae related biography, and my contact.

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  • - birth in Mendrisio (Ticino)
  • - discovery of reggae, through a Bob Marley tape
  • - start collecting reggae music, and reading about it
  • - first reggae show, Ras Michael in Geneva
  • - first trip to Jamaica
  • - start DJ'ing, in the "Conquerin' Glion" (the name of my village) "sound system", with my friends Greg and Julien
  • - first meeting with Prince Alla, in Geneva
  • - trip to Ethiopia
  • - first reggae article, in La Liberté
  • - change in name for the "sound", which becomes "Soul of Anbessa"
  • - end of my Contemporary History master degree work at Fribourg university : "It a go dread inna Switzerland"
  • - recording of the Shuttle riddim, official birth of the Soul of Anbessa record label
  • - interview about rastafari on swiss french speaking national radio station RSR La Première, in the "Un dromadaire sur l'épaule" show
  • - third trip to Jamaica
  • - interview about reggae on swiss french speaking national radio station RSR La Première, in the "Un dromadaire sur l'épaule" show
  • - interview about homophobia in dancehall music in 36oº magazine
  • - first reggae articles in 24 Heures, also published in Racines swiss reggae magazine
  • - first releases on the label "Foward" by Prince Alla, "Life goes on" by BB Seaton, and "It goes like that" by Dennis Alcapone
  • - fourth trip to Jamaica
  • - conference at Mona University, Kingston : "Reggae music as a bridge between worlds"
  • - interview in jamaican national radio RJR's show "Beyond the headlines"
  • - interview in the Jamaica Observer
  • - workshop at the Montreux Jazz Festival : "Roots, rock, reggae : the revolutionnary sound of Jamaica"
  • - conference at Zurich Kunsthaus museum about ethiopian music
  • - design of the sleeve of BB Seaton's "Ready for the world" LP
  • - article in the Jamaica Institute's publication Jamaica Journal "Reggae music as a bridge between worlds"
  • - article in the black music magazine Vibrations "King Tubby, l'autre king"
  • - release of the final single on the Shuttle riddim, "Why did you go" by Leroy Sibbles, and "La Linea crossing" by Inyaki
  • - "Don't play" by Stranger Cole is selected by french music magazine Les Inrocks to represent Kingston in their "Saga Cités : 12 villes de musique" CD
  • - fifth trip to Jamaica
  • - recording of "Together again", the official Gaylads reunion song
  • - first releases on the "Tizita" riddim : "Maybe (one day)" by Prince Alla, and "World Crisis" by the Tamlins
  • - live interview from Kingston with Prince Alla, on french radio Prun FM
  • - interview on swiss french speaking national radio station RSR La Première, about the heritage of Marley in Switzerland, in the "Radio Paradiso" show
  • - interview in the Jamaica Observer, for the International reggae day
  • - interview on radio station RSR La Première for the "Face b" show, about Peter Tosh and Buju Banton
  • - design of Ras Obi's debut LP "Xterminate hate", released by Soul Beat records
  • - official member of the Jamaican association of vintage artists and affiliates (JAVAA)
  • - release of "Together again", the first Gaylads song in 40 years, and "anthem" of their historical reunion
  • - sixth trip to Jamaica
  • - "Together again" is featured in Arte's classic program "Tracks"
  • - Release of five cuts on the "Tizita riddim" : Jazzmine Black's "Respect me", Jah Bast and the Tamlins' "My meditation of Him shall be sweet", Danny Culture's "Bloody city", Vernon "Maytone" Buckley's "Why peace take a back seat" and Inyaki's "Tizita mood"
  • - Interview in swiss newspaper "Le Temps" : "Jamaïque, une île qui déborde".
  • - Release of the first cuts on the new Abeng riddim : Prince Alla "The System", and The Psalms "Revelation time"
  • - Interview on french Radio Lazer's "Dance all together" show
  • - Interview in italian reggae magazine "La ragga fanza"
  • - Release of the second cut of the Abeng riddim : Leroy Brown "Crime is a business"
  • - Translation of songs from patois into french for the "Great black music" book, published by Actes Sud in France
  • - Soul of Anbessa story in "Uplift!" french reggae magazine
  • - Interview on International reggae day on swiss radios RTN, RFJ and RJB
  • - Seventh trip to JA
  • - "Roots treasure chest" show on Roots FM, Kingston
  • - Guest on Steve James' "Real Rock" show, on Bess FM, Kingston
  • - Speeches in Kingston schools for the "Conscious reggae tour"
  • - Release of the final cuts of the Abeng riddim on the "Abeng Showcase 12" ", featuring KC White "What a world", Sheldon Senior "Free Jah Jah children", Jah Bast & Ras Digby feat AlmaJah Horns "Ancient wisdom"
  • - The "Abeng Showcase" is picked by prestigious Record Collector Magazine (january edition) in the Top 11 best reggae releases of 2014
  • - Portrait in swiss newspaper "24 Heures"
  • - Interview on french blog "Killers without fillers"
  • - Interview on the "United reggae" website
  • - Release of Keteis Oyonde's "Andinet" 12" EP
  • - Conference about the memory of slavery in roots reggae music at Geneva University, during the "Histoire et Cité" festival
  • - Interview about reggae music on swiss national radio La Première, "Tribu" show.


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