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Gaylads reunion tune to come on Soul of Anbessa

Last week, I had the pleasure and honour of producing the first Gaylads tune since the reunited, 40 years after BB Seaton had left the group. The song, a rocksteady of course,  is called "Together again", and features Couscious Minds' drummer Derrick Stewart, Boris Gardiner, Dwight Pinkney and Robbie Lyn on riddim duties. The music was recorded at Tuff Gong, and the vocals at Tree Top.
It's been more and a joy to sing and work with BB, Maurice Roberts and Randel Thaxter. Great gentlemen for sure !

Tuff Gong Robbie Lyn Dwight Pinkney Boris Gardiner Derrick Stewart Rocksteady BB Seaton The Gaylads


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