• Carlton Smith, The Tamlins ©Marc Ismail
  • Basil Walters, Jamaica Observer ©Marc Ismail
  • Barry Biggs, Roy Francis, Dwight Pinkney at Mixing Lab ©Marc Ismail
  • Robbie Lyn ©Marc Ismail
  • Roy Francis, Phase One label ©Marc Ismail
  • Barry Biggs ©Marc Ismail
  • Errol "Flabba Holt" Carter ©Marc Ismail
  • Style Scott ©Marc Ismail
  • Man at Cap Calcini ©Marc Ismail
  • Mama G ©Marc Ismail
  • Behind this wall, Wareika Hill ©Marc Ismail
  • mg_9640_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • mg_9643_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Kush and Matthew Mc Anuff (RIP) ©Marc Ismail
  • Matthew McAnuff (RIP) ©Marc Ismail
  • mg_9801_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • mg_9856_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • mg_9869_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • dsc_0019_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • dsc00026_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9527_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9534_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9552_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9556_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9572_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9596_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9740_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9741_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • img_9771_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0029_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0046_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0048_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0050_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0052_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0066_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0078_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0102_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • imgp0117_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Prince Alla, Carl Dawkins, Bob Andy, Leroy Brown ©Marc Ismail
  • BB Seaton and Leroy Sibbles ©Marc Ismail
  • pa200295_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pa200323_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pa220302_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pa230346_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pa240305_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pa240310_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pa300313_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Willie (RIP) ©Marc Ismail
  • pb020295_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb020299_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb020301_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb020303_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb020311_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb020315_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb020320_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Winston Riley, Techniques (RIP) ©Marc Ismail
  • pb090286_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb100283_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb100293_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • pb120305_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Sugar Minott (RIP) ©Marc Ismail
  • Sugar Minott (RIP) ©Marc Ismail
  • pb120328_jpg ©Marc Ismail



Kingston portraits

These are pictures I took over the years, in six trips to Jamaica. Mostly portraits of artists I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with. The quality increased of the years I think, mainly thanks to the precious advices I could get from my lady, who is a talented professionnal photographer...