• Legendary engine 54 ©Marc Ismail
  • Legendary engine 54 ©Marc Ismail
  • Kingston railway station ©Marc Ismail
  • channel1_09_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Channel One ©Marc Ismail
  • Man at Channel One ©Marc Ismail
  • jamaica_04_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • ©Marc Ismail
  • jamaica_14_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Original Gaylads singer and bassman : Maurice Roberts ©Marc Ismail
  • BB Seaton and Ras Obi ©Marc Ismail
  • gaylads_28_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • The Gaylads ©Marc Ismail
  • Junior, Tree Top studio ©Marc Ismail
  • Tuff Gong ©Marc Ismail
  • Boris Gardiner, Robbie Lyn and Derrick Stewart at Tuff Gong ©Marc Ismail
  • Robbie Lyn ©Marc Ismail
  • Conscious Minds drummer Derrick Stewart ©Marc Ismail
  • Boris Gardiner ©Marc Ismail
  • Dwight Pinkney ©Marc Ismail
  • gaylads_tuffgong_35_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • BB Seaton at Tuff Gong ©Marc Ismail
  • Tuff Gong ©Marc Ismail
  • Tuff Gong studio ©Marc Ismail
  • Children on Marcus Garvey drive ©Marc Ismail
  • ©Marc Ismail
  • Empty market place on sunday ©Marc Ismail
  • Wireless... ©Marc Ismail
  • appart_03_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • jamaica_09_jpg ©Marc Ismail
  • Prince Alla ©Marc Ismail
  • Miss Del ©Marc Ismail
  • Children on Maxfield Ave ©Marc Ismail
  • Child on Maxfield Ave ©Marc Ismail



Odile's pictures

It's my great pleasure to introduce the work of my lady... Her name is Odile Meylan, she's a professional and imho very talented photographer, and she came with me once in Jamaica in 2011. 


Much more of her work can be seen on her website