"Music is psychology. And if the music does not penetrate the heart, the soul, the mind, and the body, then you ain't gonna feel it.
Because reggae music is not something that you hear, it's something you feel.
And if you don't feel it, you can't know it. It is a spiritual music with spiritual ingredients for spiritual purposes."

Peter Tosh

More spiritual roots

Due to a complete change in my professional life, the music production has gone even slower than before. But the new releases are still patiently going their way... Coming some time later this year. But I think, and hope you'll agree, they'll be worth the wait...

In the meantime, I keep adding some new mixes on my Mixspace page. Here's the latest one, pure spiritual roots vibes !





Apart from the "Record label" and "This is reggae" sections on this website, there's also a lot of roots music to be heard on my Mixcloud page

Come and get some ! It's free, and everybody's welcome ! 


RIP Seymour

It is with extreme sadness that I was informed by Prince Alla that our dear friend Seymour Williams, who was not only a taxi driver, but much more a big brother to me, and a 35 years friend to Prince, was robbed and murdered in Waterhouse earlier this month.

I can't express how sad I feel about this news, and the tragic loss of this wonderful man.

RIP Seymour, Jamaica will never be the same to me now that you're gone. Thanks for everything my brother.