"Music is psychology. And if the music does not penetrate the heart, the soul, the mind, and the body, then you ain't gonna feel it.
Because reggae music is not something that you hear, it's something you feel.
And if you don't feel it, you can't know it. It is a spiritual music with spiritual ingredients for spiritual purposes."

Peter Tosh

"Bird in hand" dubplate

Here is a little clip from a home made exclusive dubplate version of Sam Carty's classic "Bird in hand" song, one of Lee Perry's most haunting productions. Actually a version of the indian song "Milte hi ankhein", from the "Babul" movie.

Apart from the drums, we played everything with friends.

Featuring Jah Bast on lead vocal, and Alex Schneiter on trumpet.



Much more to come...

Back after a wonderful month in Kingston, with three new riddims recorded at Harry J studio, played by the same all stars band that played on the Abeng riddim : Derrick Stewart on drums, Boris Gardiner on bass, Dwight Pinkney on guitar and Robbie Lyn on piano and Hammond organ. Three songs, two by Prince Alla and one by original Gaylads member Maurice Roberts, are already recorded, and much more to come in the future... Strictly deep organic roots of course !


Forward a Yard...

Just about to fly back to Jamaica for a month...

Radio shows on Roots FM, conferences in schools, and of course recording of new riddims with Jamaican legends... Busy program ahead !